Executive Team Dynamics

Every executive team is a unique combination of strengths. Team strength is the collaboration and the interaction of individual strengths. The challenge for the coach is to leverage the interaction dynamics of each individual’s capabilities and capacities to optimize team outcomes. ─Dwaine Canova
Executive Team Dynamics

Executive teams now recognize the need for a coach to facilitate and leverage applying each individual’s strengths as a team. The coaching role for executive teams is complex. It is equally important.

Traditionally individuals on executive teams operate very separately within their silos. Each one is responsible for and ‘owns’ their area. This results in operational conflicts and dysfunction throughout the organization reducing productivity and profitability.

There is a need for a leadership system to focus the thinking and dynamics of the individuals to operate as a team. The Zynity digital solution for executive teams creates ‘team.’ The system provides Apps and coaches to ensure structure, discipline, and guidance to apply leadership concepts and principles effectively and consistently.

We are passionate about helping executive teams get to their exceptional level.

To help this movement, I have devoted years to building the system presented in the Exceptional Executive Teams book. 

I wish I had known this earlier in my life. I would have contributed to others’ lives even more positively.

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