Experience is a Great Teacher

Experience may be the best teacher, but we are not always good students of the experiences. ̶ Dwaine Canova

Individuals on executive teams are so busy and have so many experiences, they often have little time to reflect and clarify the learning opportunities presented by the experiences. Engaging an executive coach with a system is a great way to ensure individuals stop, reflect, clarify, and learn.

Individuals with leadership roles are usually very committed to continually improving. The one ingredient often missing is a deliberate process or system to facilitate continuous improvement. We all have experiences, but we don’t always have the discipline to incorporate what we learn through experiences.

Experiences may be the best teacher, but we are not always great learners from them. Almost every individual in executive teams I know also agrees that experiences are a great source for learning. However, we have observed that very few individuals and teams connect and align to apply the leadership teachings they learn from their experiences. Being deliberate is essential.

Why is this happening? Impactful and consistent application requires a shared deliberate process with structure, discipline, and guidance. Sales teams have a digital system and so executive teams need a digital system. The Zynity solution for executive teams provides a digital system with Apps, processes, and coaches to ensure the needed structure, discipline, and guidance to learn from and apply learnings from experiences.

We are passionate about helping executive teams get to their exceptional level.

To help this movement, I have devoted years to building the system presented in the Exceptional Executive Teams book. 

I wish I had known this earlier in my life. I would have contributed to others’ lives even more positively.

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