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Technology as an advantage - using the Executive Team System.
The Executive Team System

Do you believe technology makes a difference? I do. I was planning to start a private equity company after growing my own company from napkin drawings to 3,000 employees in 5 countries. I know executive teams are the most impactful teams in organizations. I also know they don’t always behave as a well-connected and aligned team. The most prevalent symptom is the siloing of their departments.

I also knew executive teams don’t have their own technology like the sales and accounting teams. They must do things other parts of the organization don’t. What are those things, and how can we design a suite of tools to help them conduct their activities to create exceptional outcomes and build an environment where talented individuals thrive? 

We created and provide a suite of tools specifically designed for executive teams. It makes a huge difference in how executive teams conduct their leadership role. The tools are combined with certified coaches to amplify the impact of the tools and the teams.

The leadership mandate: How well executive teams engage in designing and participating in the ongoing refining of the organization’s environment is their most significant contribution to its success. Everyone must be respected and know how they ‘fit’ and ‘contribute’ to the total growth and success of the organization.

Zynity’s suites of Apps empower executive teams to conduct their leadership role at exceptional levels. The Apps provide the structure and discipline needed to apply leadership activities, concepts, and principles effectively and consistently.

We are passionate about helping executive teams get to their exceptional level.

To help this movement, I have devoted years to building the system presented in the Exceptional Executive Teams book. 

I wish I had known this earlier in my life. I would have contributed to others’ lives even more positively.

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