How will you change YOU in 2023?

How will you change you in 2023? In your leadership role the Zynity system leads to improve one's self to better lead in the organization. Zynity is a System. We evolve executive teams. We create exceptional outcomes.
How will you change YOU in 2023?

May I ask again? How will you change YOU in 2023?

One way I will change is by listening…

I will listen as if every word will improve my life and the lives of others.
I will engage with the speaker to ensure they know I am intent and fully absorbed.
Empathy is not sympathy. It is hearing, understanding, contextualizing, and learning.
I will behave in new ways to apply the impact of the listening experience.

Change requires a process. A process is part of a system. A system ensures repeatability and consistency. Leading and managing an executive team requires a system. The above change will make me a better team member.

Individuals on executive teams are the stars in their departments. But, as an executive team member, you must be a star who helps the other stars perform at their highest levels. Each one must be an exceptional listener.

Leveraging the activities and contributions of one another is the mark of great teams. Very few executive teams are great teams. Most often, they are talented individuals focused solely on making their department shine (sometimes at the expense of other departments). Siloing has been a significant problem for many years. Meeting weekly to share ‘To-Do’ lists doesn’t seem to make the problem go away.

Let’s talk, and we will guide you through implementing a system to eliminate silos in your organization. We will work together to create an exceptional executive team. Every organization deserves one

Zynity’s suites of Apps empower executive teams to conduct their leadership role at exceptional levels. The Apps provide the structure and discipline needed to apply leadership activities, concepts, and principles effectively and consistently.

Accelerating Executive Team Successes™

We are passionate about helping executive teams get to their exceptional level.

To help this movement, I have devoted years to building the system presented in the Exceptional Executive Teams book. 

I wish I had known this earlier in my life. I would have contributed to others’ lives even more positively.

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