The Zynity Story

Helping Executive Teams Thrive


We exist to help innovative executive teams create exceptional organizations in which everyone thrives physically, intellectually, emotionally, and financially.

How we do it

A leadership framework, a suite of Apps, and certified executive coaches.

Why us?

We are experienced entrepreneurs and business builders who have started and grown businesses worldwide. We understand what it takes to clarify a vision, architect a business model, attract customers, grow a team, and establish a sustainable organization. We have for many years and continue to live in your shoes.


Increased health physically, emotionally, and financially for all.

All includes employees, customers, vendors, communities, and their families.

Reduced chaos, stress, and toxicity in the workplace.

Exceptional innovation and growth for all.

Increased productivity and profits.

Zynity means" "Creating harmony among the parts."
The name combines synthesis (bringing together) and concinnity (arranging harmony among the parts).

zynity     The Logo:

The four rounded corners represent continuity and completeness.
Yellow conveys creativity and innovation.
Blues conveys logic and communication.
Green conveys energy and revitalization.
The colors and their meanings express important dimensions of executive leadership development and performance.

Most executive teams are good,

and, some want to be exceptional,

but, few have a deliberate plan and process,

therefore, they adopt Zynity's solution.

Most executive teams mean well,

and, want a culture so everyone thrives,

but, few have a deliberate plan and process,

therefore, they adopt Zynity's solution.

The Beginning

Zynity's Leadership Framework™ began from the thinking...

  • Executive teams are the most impactful teams in organizations
  • Executive teams set the culture of an organization
  • Every organization deserves an exceptional executive team
  • A Leadership Framework App™ is needed to help executive teams ‘work together better’
  • Innovation, growth, and scaling are essential
  • Executive teams need a ‘framework’ in which this can be accomplished simply, easily, and effectively.
The concepts and needs behind the framework and Apps have been around forever. However, the structure and processes of these new Apps are different enough to be designated by some as unique and others as an “evolutionary breakthrough,” and others as a “true paradigm shift that will stimulate further development to allow executive teams to benefit even more from the new technologies.”
Digital Transformation
The Zynity™ Apps are developed especially for use by the C-suite team with the latest communicating technologies to ensure collaboration to connect and align their leadership activities.
They fill a void in that there is no specific suite of Apps for executive teams to apply their leadership concepts and principles. The Apps are designed for use on all communication devices. Online SaaS tools exist to support such areas as the sales and accounting teams, but not specifically for the executive team's leading and managing.
Real World
Designing the framework and the Apps was created by Dwaine Canova in his real-world experiences of leading and managing all types and sizes of organizations over a number of years. The Apps are being used by non-profits and for-profits... all organizations that want to enhance their performance and improve the environment to make it FUN AND FULFILLING FOR THE ENTIRE TEAM!!!!

Zynity's Apps enable Leaders and Managers of high-performing organizations to have a well-defined ‘framework’ for leading, growing, and operating their organizations.

  • They define their ‘framework’ in succinct, clearly understood terms.

  • They describe how it's used to guide the daily leading and managing decisions.

  • A framework is the overarching structure that sets boundaries for the system.
Head coaches of professional sports teams are prominent examples of the value of applying their guidance within a defined system. They talk about how a specific talent fits within their system, or how a new talent is working to adjust to it. It’s hard to imagine one of these successful coaches not having and relying on such a system and pointing to it as a big reason for their success. They take pride in how they’ve made it uniquely their own. Such a system begins with a framework.

Do you have a similarly well-defined ‘system’ for leading and managing your organization?

The well defined system: The Zynity™ framework is the foundation and the Apps are the technology tools within which you apply your own leadership style and beliefs. It is then easy to establish leadership principles and processes that you can refine over time – just as successful sports teams do.

It's important to define, clarify, and continue to refine your own leading and managing concepts and principles within the ‘framework’.

The need to ‘fight fires’ is often the biggest obstacle to clearly defining and establishing consistent methodologies for leading and managing the organization.
'Urgent' robs the time needed to put the processes in place that can prevent the fires from occurring.
This is especially true for entrepreneurs, who grow up in their businesses and might never have had the opportunity to observe how well-established processes and disciplines can create repeatable, high-level leadership performance that is essential for scaling.
Creating a defined, documented and repeatable ‘framework’ for the overall leading and managing of an organization is not common.
The Zynity Leadership™ Apps ensure that desired concepts and principles taught by great teachers are applied easily and consistently.
‘Winging it’ limits your potential. Start the process of applying your leadership concepts and principles in the Framework for Leading™ structure using the Zynity Apps. You will experience how great it feels to lead a high-performing organization. Make 'Life' in your organization robust and rewarding so everyone thrives.

Major Themes: