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Zynity is a collaboration App for executive teams.

The App creates a new level of teamship with:
trust - aligned priorities - reduced stress

Zynity Apps...


  • Don't get lost in your busyness!
  • Connect and align your thinking!
  • Create exceptional outcomes!
Essential for growing organizations with:
  • $5MM to $100MM in revenue
  • Three or more in their executive team
  • Committed to exceptional outcomes
He knows what I'm thinking.
I know what he's thinking.
It's really nice.
--Tom Brady, NFL Quarterback
Zynity’s Apps help you be as good
at what you do, as
Tom Brady is at what he does.
--Dwaine Canova, CEO of Zynity


The App guides leadership to focus their thinking and facilitates collaboration.





Special Teams   

Top-of-Mind Issues

Post your ToMIs

What are you thinking about?

What are others thinking about?

Create shared understanding.


Add your thoughts

See others' thoughts

Every insight matters


Stay on the same page

Grow with less stress

Celebrate progress often

The outcome of collaboration is understanding and harmony.
Where there is harmony, there is peace, productivity, and prosperity.
This must be authentic and conspicuous at the top of organizations so it permeates throughout the organization.
Starting with Zynity is EASY!

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Board Member

Our board members are convinced we are more connected and aligned than ever, with little extra effort. Access via the phone helps me post all my thoughts rather than forgetting them as I did in the past.

C-Suite Member

The other members of the C team now have more ideas for me than ever before. We share more fully in the App, and I can edit my post to make them clearer for others. We talk through our bigger issues in meetings more thoroughly than ever.

C-Suite Member

Having all the opinions and ideas about each topic in one place makes for real collaboration. I now know how others on the team think and what they are thinking about. This gives an added dimension to our emotional and intellectual connectedness.

Board Member

We stay more connected and engaged between meetings. The postings are like a journal for us, and we can access them at any time on all of our devices. We are adding more value to the company simply because we have visibility to ideas and issues as they come up.

C-Suite Member

We don’t have to wait for a gathering for all of us to be informed about an issue and others’ thinking and opinions about what to focus on and what to do. This is a big improvement over trying to make sense of a string of emails.

C-Suite Member

Getting everyone’s input and considerations in one place about each issue makes it easier to follow the train of thinking. It is very easy to see others’ comments and know that each comment is connected to a specific comment.

The Team Collaboration App™


Clarify your leadership.

Available to all leaders.


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Virtual Meeting Collab App™


  • They establish a collaboration process to help Boards and executives communicate easily and work together effectively.

  • They are designed specifically for governance and leadership issues by a team of designers with years of experience serving on Boards and C-Suites of organizations of all types in all parts of the globe.

  • You can begin using the App and have access to training, tutorials, and newsletter. It’s an easy way to learn the App before engaging with a team.

  • Register your organization as a Subscriber. Follow the prescribed steps to set up the organization profile. Establish the proper teams. Invite members to the Teams. Read through the Quick Start Guide and follow the instructions and guidelines.

  • A version is a subset of each App's capabilities or all the capabilities and features.

  • A Top-of-Mind-Issue™ of concern to an individual. It may be a potential opportunity or a problem that needs attention but requires more thought and input from others before action can be taken.

  • It is a tangible or measurable outcome item such as a report, document, or product that is complete unto itself.

  • It is an item that takes time but does not result in a completed tangible item. They include special meetings, reviews, preparation, research, and other important activities.

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