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Crafting and evolving an exceptional executive team
requires engagement at the thinking level.
  --Dwaine Canova, CEO of Zynity

The Thinking Level™

Issues, ideas, problems, opportunities, and concerns roll around in our heads, but rarely do we take the time to make a list until we have condensed them to their ‘do’ level.

There needs to be engagement and sharing with others, while the thinking is underway, who can expand and clarify our thinking... this is collaboration at the thinking level.

The Problem

Most individuals in the C-suite are not connected at the thinking level. This makes it difficult for the parts they each lead to connect and align at the ‘doing’ level.

The Opportunity

Many individuals in C-suites recognize they need to engage at the thinking level. And they know that when they do, it makes a very positive impact on outcomes. But they don’t have a structure and process to make it happen consistently. Therefore, they use Zynity’s Collaboration App™ to engage with one another.

The PVC Principle
"Peers must have Visibility to others' thinking to Collaborate."
— Dwaine Canova
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