The Zynity Leadership Movement

Zynity™ means: Creating harmony among the parts!

A movement… a group of people working together to advance their shared leading and managing ideas.

The Movement is for those leading, managing, and consulting in organizations. Specifically for those who are fervently committed to ongoing improvement to benefit themselves and all those around them. Their need and requirement is to apply quickly and then learn fully. However, they want to continue their daily career while they accomplish developing their own leading and managing ‘system’. Their ‘system’ will serve their practical needs better than a traditional MBA degree. The Movement includes applying the latest concepts and using the latest online tools in their practical and complex world.


Individuals (leaders, managers, coaches, consultants) working in and around (SMBs) small and midsize businesses (nonprofit and for-profit) who want to accelerate their careers and performance along with all those around them by:

Applying the latest thinking personally and in their organizations
Setting personal stretch goals that require transformation and ongoing improvement
Learning with a focus on making lofty ideas practical
Getting their leading and managing organized, repeatable, and scalable
Creating a ‘system’ for others to ‘work in’ and ‘work’ so they can work together better
Leading and managing from a high-level perspective without missing the details
Getting their hands dirty while still maintaining a view from the top


Comprised of a Series of Books (initially the 10 book series by Dwaine Canova)
Courses for leaders-managers and coaches-consultants
Zynity Online Tools™ (Offered at
Train-Apply-Refine™ process (taught and supported by Dwaine Canova) – Use Zynity Online Tools™
Zynity’s Education Alliance Partners (related courses offered on Campuses and Online )
Belt levels – Certificates – Diplomas – Ratings
Zynity’s Marketing Alliance Partners (shared marketing of online tools and capabilities)
The Framework for Leading Institute to fund research
Other researchers, practitioners, writers, and educators


Leaders and Managers creating their own leading and managing ‘System’ to accelerate success for
themselves and everyone around them… Not done in a day but will transform a ‘lifetime’.
The Practical Executive™ - big concepts made easily usable through online tools and education.
A Practical Elite™ emphasis and focus (as opposed to an 'academic elite' emphasis and focus) where the
objective is to apply knowledge and wisdom in practical and useful ways.
Train-Apply-Refine™ as soon as you can for maximum value in education.
Socialmediazation is the discipline of sharing content in a real-time environment between friends and peers in a style that is crisp and to-the-point.


Public Relations
Social Media Marketing
Education Alliance Partners
Marketing Alliance Partners