Stakeholders Suite

Clarifies the process to attract, engage, serve, and nurture stakeholders

Stakeholder focus is defined, structured, and shared with everyone

Stakeholders are Employees, Customers, Boards, and Shareholders

- Also...

  1. The steps are defined by each organization to match their process
  2. Provides a big picture view of how each part of the organization contributes
  3. Leadership gets connected with operations in the big picture and details
  4. Establishes measurements to assure each step is accomplished as needed
  5. Establishes a digital operation manual for the entire organization to share
  6. Is used as a sales support tool
  7. Serves as a teaching tool for all functional areas of the organization

• Everyone is ‘in the loop’ 'at all times' with one another’s thinking, issues, and accomplishments.

• Teams build and keep ‘Compatible Perspectives’ and ‘Shared Priorities’.