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Leadership Assessment

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Use this brief assessment to provide insight about the strength of your team.
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Rate your leadership team on the following characteristics...

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Respond to each statement using a 0 to represent totally disagree and 5 to signify totally agree.
  • 1.  How well is the leadership team connected and aligned with knowing one another’s big issues for the week?
  • 2.  How well documented and adhered to are the leadership team’s processes for communicating, working with, and supporting each other?
  • 3.  How well are your organization’s strategies documented and shared with others?
  • 4.  How well are strategic initiatives prioritized and implemented by all the leadership team?
  • 5.  How well does your organization’s ‘Greater Good’ purpose motivate and encourage desired behaviors in each individual’s daily activities?
  • 6.  How well are the main components of your organization’s culture documented, understood, and celebrated when adhered to?
  • 7.  How well documented and adhered to are your organization’s processes for attracting, engaging, serving, and nurturing customers?
  • 8.  How well do each of the organization’s parts know how their work connects with the other parts to enhance their customer-focused activities?
  • 9.  How well adhered to are the documented standards for developing reports?
  • 10.  How effective is your organization’s process for ensuring reports are used properly and creating the desired results?
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Instructions for use :

  1. Individuals should make notes about their responses.
  2. Low scored items are opportunities.
  3. High scored items are cause for shared celebrations.
  4. Individuals should answer these questions on their own.
  5. Teams should share their numbers (anonymously if desired) and discuss them.

Actions :

  1. Jointly create Strategic Initiatives for opportunities to make needed improvements happen.
  2. Complete the assessment on a schedule basis of every 3 or 6 months.
  3. Chart the results for each individual question.
  4. Make and compare notes about your individual responses each time the assessments are made.
  5. Assess and make notes about how the ratings impact your personal career planning.

Expected Results:

It is another way of measuring and tracking accomplishments deserving of celebration. When an executive team engages with a Zynity certified coach and its web-based suites of apps, the ratings in the assessments improve over time. An essential outcome is an organization-wide environment committed to ongoing refining and improvement. When leadership concepts and principles are structured, adequately communicated, and understood, individuals flourish.

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